Last night I was the DJ for Rakim oh and Chuck D Interviewed him 🤯

Ok I think I’m coming back into my body now. This is a picture of me in between 2 beautiful men that shaped the foundation of the culture I love Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and Rakim!!! Chuck D was in conversation with Rakim last night at SITE Santa Fe and then after that, I got to DJ not only in the lobby for the wonderful community in Santa Fe but then I spun for Rakim! I mean heads know...I just wrote that fam, I dj’d for Rakim Allah 🤯 yooooo I’m sayin. So so dope. Mad love to Rakim and Chuck D not only for last night but for being the building blocks for this hip hop thing that has done so much for my life and others. I also gotta give a shout to Joanne Lefrak and Site Santa Fe for bringing this to the city. Ok, I’m gonna try to breathe now lol.