Raashan Ahmad - Pain Away
Filmed by Alex Ignacio, Edited by Raashan Ahmad

This song started with the chorus, with me asking for help “Take my pain away” I was really low and was just tired of hurting...When thinking of making this video I wanted it to look like what I would have wanted at that moment. To be in a room actually working it out in a way I haven’t done or seen much but I know can and does exist. I asked friends to come and we shot this. But moreover, we actually did end up building, laughing, talking about all things, communing as men, as black men, it was easy and beautiful. We hugged told each other I appreciate you, I love you. We out here supporting each other.

BIG love to my brothers in the video and in life Jamal Allen, Loveless Johnson III, Sol Bentley, Mustiqirr Muhammad, Clemente McFarlane Jr., Anthony 'Youngs' Short, & Bradley Babb. Thanks again for doing this y'all.

from Raashan Ahmad's album "The Sun" available on all platforms