I wrote this song as a reminder...Sometimes I get so caught up in all the stressful moments. So many days fighting...from my own personal demons to all the systems of oppression and microaggressions and governmental policies. It's so hard and just sad...anyway, I realize I haven't just fully taken a big breath in a while sometimes. This is a reminder, and a song iI wrote when I was feeling all of that. The crew Object Heavy is a musical force that brought this song to life (please check out their music!) Dance is one of my absolute favorite mediums of art and I am so thankful to the dancers in this video (Orejona Ashton, Anne Pesata and Chelsee Stewart) for telling this story and communicating this song and more through dance. Watching them as we filmed this video was! So filled with awe! Big shout out to my dude Sean Parshad who filmed this and Pilar at edition one gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico for letting us use her space. Hope you enjoy.

WATCH NOW: - "Breathe"